Floor and Wall Gaps

If you have the noticeable floor and wall gaps in your South Bend, Fort Wayne, Plymouth, Warsaw, Auburn, or Marion home, you need to call A&M SafeBasements immediately for an inspection and repair work. Many homeowners notice these gaps inside their basements, but they can be found on any level of a home. There could be a one-inch gap between the wall and floor or ceiling, or it could be even more serious. Regardless of what kind of gap you have in your home, you will need to get it taken care of before the problem worsens. You don’t want the structural integrity of your entire home jeopardized, and our foundation repair professionals are here to help.

Warning Signs and Causes of Gaps

If you happen to notice any of the following, then you will need to get in touch with us immediately:


Many homeowners want to know what caused their floor and wall gaps, and this kind of structural problem is typically a result of foundation settlement. This structural problem can be a result of numerous conditions. Either you have very weak or very wet soil around your home, or maybe your home’s base wasn’t built with the best materials. Regardless of what has caused the problem, we are here to help with foundation piers. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have structural problems taken care of ASAP before the damage gets worse. Many times, homeowners will choose to ignore their floor and wall gaps in hopes that the problem doesn’t get any worse. The longer you wait to get this sort of issue taken care of, the more expensive it’s going to be to have it fixed. Also, it’s going to take much longer.

So, why do foundations settle? The soil around your home is made of a variety of materials. It could be clay, sandy, or even silty in texture and appearance. Sandy soils let water easily pass through, whereas clay soils quickly absorb the moisture. Clay soil is notorious for swelling when it becomes full of water, and this can put a lot of pressure on your foundation. Over time, this pressure could cause your home to move about and settle into the soil. Also, this pressure, known as hydrostatic pressure, could lead to bowed basement walls.

Fixing the Problem

When it comes to fixing the problem, we can install SafeBasements™ foundation piers. They provide us with both helical and push pier products. Both products are made from strong, tough, steel materials which are guaranteed to last. These piers can be installed quickly, typically in just one day, and there isn’t much excavation required for the set up. These foundation piers work by transferring the weight of your home onto the pier. Over time, this will help to push your home back to the level where it needs to be. This will typically fix your floor and wall gap problems, but if the problem persists, we can work with you to find a repair solution.

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