How Basement Waterproofing Works

Your home is one of your biggest investments, that’s why when basement flooding occurs it is important for you to seek help in remedying the problem immediately. Basement flooding is the most commonly used term to describe any type of moisture accumulation in your basement. Whether there is 2in of water or just a few small puddles our team can help. Water on your basement walls or floors can be a sign of damage in your basement. Wall and floor cracks typically are present even when small amounts of water are noticeable. It is important that you hire a professional to evaluate the extent of the damage that has occurred in your basement. Once the damage has been assessed our professional basement waterproofers will provide you with an estimate on the repairs and basement waterproofing remedies needed to fix the issue.

Typically, most water seepage that occurs in basements comes in over the top of the foundation, through leaking basement windows, up through clogged floor drains, through the cove joining, or through cracks in your basement walls and floors. Two of the most common causes are floor and wall cracks and cove joint seepage. Take a look below to find out how to identify these types of leaks.

Identifying Wall and Floor Cracks

Typically wall and floor cracks can be identified by looking for visible cracks in your basements walls and floors. However, sometimes hairline cracks can occur which are harder to spot. In these occurrences you will want to look for walls that are consistently wet as well as small damp spots on the floor.

Identifying Cove Joint Seepage

Cove joint seepage occurs because the seam between the floor of your basement and the walls has separated a little bit. Typically this looks like to large sections of wet concrete on your basement floor around the seam where the walls and floor meet.

Fixing Your Wet Basement

It is important that you hire a professional team of basement waterproofers to help you fix issues with leaky and flooded basement. Typically, attempting to fix these yourself can result in the repair failing or even damaging the wall more. Our team at A&M Safe Basements of Indiana has years of experience helping homeowners in Indiana waterproof and repair their basements. Contact us today to get an estimate on basement waterproofing or to have emergency waterproofing work performed in your basement. Our team services homes in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Plymouth, Warsaw, Auburn, and Marion.