Preparing For Spring

Spring and Summer are finally uppon us here in Indiana. However, It is important to remember that with spring comes heavy rains and severe storms. Both last year and the year before we experienced a high level of rainfall in Indiana. This rainfall can cause property damage, basement flooding, and even left some families without a place to call home.

Our staff at A&M SafeBasements Indiana has your back, and can help you install a premium basement waterproofing system in your home to protect yourself from the potential flooding and heavy rains we may expereience this spring.

Warning Signs Of Foundation Damage and Water Intrusion

Here is a list of other problem signs that could allow water to find its way into your basement.

  • Concrete floor cracks
  • Concrete or block basement wall cracks
  • Damp or wet drywall
  • Efflorescence
  • Damp or wet carpet
  • Condensation on pipes or exposed beams
  • Leaking window
  • Musty basement smell

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