Preventing Water Damage in Your Basement

If you’ve ever had a wet, and leaky basement, you understand all the hassles involved with this. But, like maintenance on a car, maintenance on your basement is good too in order to ensure it is keeping water out of your basement for years to come.

So, to ensure your belongings that you may be storing in your basement are dry, and any living space you have in your basement stays dry, here are some tips you can follow in order to help ensure your basements safety from water.

Sump Pump System

If you have only one pump, one pump and a battery backup, or multiples of each, it is important to notate that these never kick on until you absolutely need them during a storm. However, if you have never seen them in action, it is crucial to test them so you have peace of mind should a heavy storm come. Therefore, it is very important to check your sump pump system. Here’s how:

1) Test your Sump Pump System

Fill up your sump pit with water. If your sump pump(s) turn on then you have a confirmation that they do indeed work as they should. However, you aren’t done yet!

2) Test your Battery Backup system

This is probably equally as important or more important than your actual sump pumps. To do this, switch off the power leading to the sump pump system. Once you have done that, Fill your Sump pit with water, If your battery backup works, it should turn on, the exact same as your main sump pump will. Don’t forget when your done testing to switch the power back on for the main sump pump system.

3) Clean out your gutters and downspouts

When considering keeping your basement dry, it does not pertain to just checking your foundation for cracks, and checking to make sure your sump pumps are operational. The maintenance also can reside outside the basement as well. Gutters and downspouts do their job by collecting water that flows down the roof, and then routing it out and into the yard. With a properly graded yard, the water will then flow down and away from the house. But, it is important to not that the gutters and downspouts will not work as intended if they are not cleaned and maintained. You may be able to lengthen the intervals between gutter cleanings with a Leaf Relief Gutter Protection System. However, this is not a reason not to check your gutters for being clogged anyways.

All in all, when you are finished with checking your home for all the potentials for water entering the basement, and then properly eliminating them, you will be all the better for it, and can maintain confidence that you will have a dry basement for years to come.