Sump Pump Installation

If you’ve got standing water in your basement, even though you’ve got a waterproofing system installed, there is a good chance that your sump pump has gone out. Whether this has happened because it is either old, broken or in need of repairs, our team is here to help. Installing a new pump can breathe new life into any basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation system and have it working again. Our team can investigate your current waterproofing situation and determine what type of pump needs to be installed.

Over time, every sump pump will wear out and eventually stop working correctly. No sump pumps will work forever; many will need to be replaced or repaired every seven to ten years, even with regular maintenance. When it is time to add a new pump to your home, reach out to the team at A&M for trusted advice and professional installation.

The Sump Pumps We Use Feature:

Sump Pump Replacement

When a sump pump goes out in your waterproofing system, it is important to replace it with a model capable of moving the correct amount of water out of your basement and will last as long as possible. Our team installs replacement pumps from SafeBasements that have been thoroughly tested in the worst of conditions, so we can guarantee they will work in your home.

Why use pumps from SafeBasements?

  • Cast iron and stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Dual float switch with deluxe controller for guaranteed operation
  • Continuous duty rated to work when you need it to
  • Energy efficient motors to save on operating costs
  • 3 Year warranty

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